Ref NoL/./54/7; 327125
FindingNumberL54.7 / 327125
TitleRuskin Galleries, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham. Catalogues of exhibitions, announcement cards etc. 3 volumes. 1925-40. (afterwards The Ruskin Gallery).
DescriptionNOTE -
1. The Gallery closed down in June 1940.
2. Catalogues 1925-30 at L54.7. 1931-40 at LF54.7.

Catalogue of paintings and drawings by B.F. Walker, January 1927. WALKER (BERNARD FLEETWOOD)
Exhibition of New Forest paintings, drawings etc., by H.F. Newey. 1925. NEWEY (H. FOSTER)
The Beauty of brass. A collection of statuettes by Phoebe Stabler, November 1926. Catalogue. STABLER (Mrs PHOEBE) formerly McLeish.
Exhibition of paintings and drawings by M.B. Bladon, October 1927 (Catalogue) BLADON (MURRAY BERNARD)
Catalogue of first annual Birmingham exhibition, 1926. NOTE :- no further exhibitions were held in Birmingham. Graver-Printers in Colour (Society of).
Exhibition of landscape paintings by E. Steel-Harper. January 1926. Catalogue. HARPER (EDWARD STEEL-)
Catalogue of an exhibition of pictures and sketches, water colours, oil paintings etc. by G.L. Leigh, June – July 1926. LEIGH (GEORGE LEONARD)
Catalogue of an exhibition of water colour drawings by E.A. Chadwick. February to March 1927. CHADWICK (ERNEST ALBERT)
Exhibition. Catalogue 1st (1925) etc.
Exhibition of pictures and drawings by J.E. Southall, on view February 7th to 19th 1927. Catalogue. SOUTHALL (JOSPEH EDWARD) Works relating to.
Exhibition, February 1926. Catalogue. Craftsman's Club.
Exhibition of paintings by H.F. Newey, October to November 1926. Catalogue. NEWEY (H. FOSTER)
Exhibition of paintings and drawings by A.B. Bateman. April - May 1926. Catalogue. BATEMAN (Rev. ARTHUR BERNARD)
Exhibitions of etchings, Ruskin Galleries, Birmingham, 1927-31. 2nd to 5th exhibitions. Painter Etchers (Midland Association of).
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