Ref NoL/./65/206; 220614
FindingNumberL65.206 / 220614
TitleProceedings of the Birmingham Association of Mechanical Engineers, 1908-9.
DescriptionAnnual Report.
The Nurnberg Gas Engine. 46pp. 1909. BECHTEL (R).
19th inaugural address 18pp. 1909. DEAKIN (WALTER).
Anti-friction alloys. 20pp. 1908. *HIORNS (ARTHUR HORSMAN).
Design and equipment of factory buildings. 36pp. 1909. SUFFIELD (FRANK W.).
The Lanz locomobile. 23pp. 1908. MEACOCK (THOMAS).
Metallography of steel. 14pp. 1909. *HUDSON (OLIVER FARNEL).
Effect that the workmen's environment has upon them and their work. 17pp. 1909. SOMERS (F).
Electrically driven Brass and Copper Rolling Mills. 38pp. 1908. ABLETT (CHARLES ANTONY).
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