Ref NoL/./65/206; 265867
FindingNumberL65.206 / 265867
TitleProceedings of the Birmingham Association of Mechanical Engineers. 1913-1914
DescriptionAddress by the President January 3rd, 1914. 23pp. 1914. HOME-MORTON (ANDREW).
Condensation. Illus. 36pp. 1914. STOREY (W.E.).
The worries of works management. 36pp. 1914. *ELBOURNE (EDWARD TREGASKISS).
Some boiler explosions and their lessons. 20pp. 1914. REED (J. HOWARD).
Birmingham and its most Notable Worthies. 18pp. 1914. BERRY (R).
Electric telpherage. Illus. 22pp. 1914. *KAPP (GISBERT).
Driving of Rolling Mills. Illus. 21pp. 1913. DALE (R.D.).
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