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TitleRecords of the Birmingham Stock Exchange
Date20th cent
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AdminHistoryThe Birmingham Stock Exchange was formally established in 1845 in response to the boom in railway shares and to industrial development. Stockbrokers had emerged in Birmingham during the 1830s and twelve brokers formed a Stockbrokers' Association in 1843-44, creating the nucleus of what became the Stock Exchange in 1845.

The Birmingham Stock exchange opened on 22 October with eleven members. Its membership did not rise very much initially. However, the cycle boom of the mid 1890s, the rise of the motor industries in the early 20th century, and the expansion of the newer industries in the Midlands in the inter-war period led to substantial increase in membership.

The first premises of the Stock Exchange were at 2 Temple Row West; but in 1856, the Exchange removed to 34 Bennetts Hill and again in 1861 to rooms in Wellington Passage. These became very cramped and in 1901, new premises were acquired in Newhall Street, financed by setting up a Buildings Company. In 1926, the Association decided to erect a purpose built Stock exchange at the corner of Margaret Street and Great Charles Street. The building was designed by S. N. Cooke and partners at a cost of £48,000 and it opened in 1928.

Limited co-operation and exchange of information had always existed between the provincial exchanges since the mid 19th century. In 1890, this was formalised by the creation of the Council of Associated Stock Exchanges (CASE) of which Birmingham soon became a member; and by 1922, there were 22 member exchanges. The principal objective of CASE was the drawing up of a code of practice. Relations between CASE and the London Stock Exchange were not always harmonious; but greater collaboration between London and the provincial exchanges in the 1950s and early 1960s left to the setting up of a joint committee in 1962 to investigate a closer and more permanent system of collaboration. It was not felt appropriate at this time to form a national or united stock exchange and consequently the Federation of Stock Exchanges in Great Britain and Ireland came into being on 1 July 1965.

The Federation consisted of the London Stock Exchange, the Scottish Stock Exchange (regionalised in 1964) and 16 other stock exchanges including the Irish ones. Regionalisation among the English exchanges followed: the Northern Stock Exchange came into being in August 1965, and the Midlands and Western Stock Exchange was established by May 1966. On 17 August 1966, at a special meeting of members of the Birmingham Stock Exchange Association, a resolution was passed in favour of Birmingham joining the Midland and Western Stock Exchange.

Discussions on the unification of the Federated Stock Exchange quickly followed, and on 24 March 1973, the United Stock Exchange came into being.
ArrangementThe collection has been arranged as follows:

MS 1598/1 The Birmingham Stock Exchange Association
MS 1598/1/1 Minutes of annual and monthly meetings of members
MS 1598/1/2 Draft minutes of annual and monthly meetings of members
MS 1598/1/3 Agenda books of annual and monthly meetings of members
MS 1598/1/4 Minutes of Committee of Management meetings
MS 1598/1/5 Draft minutes of Committee of Management meetings
MS 1598/1/6 Committee attendance books
MS 1598/1/7 Ledgers
MS 1598/1/8 Cash books
MS 1598/1/9 Journals
MS 1598/1/10 Subscription registers
MS 1598/1/11 Staff records
MS 1598/1/12 Rules and Regulations
MS 1598/1/13 Correspondence
MS 1598/2 The Birmingham Stock Exchange Building Company Ltd.
MS 1598/2/1 Minutes of Directors and annual shareholders meetings
MS 1598/2/2 Draft minutes of Directors and annual shareholders meetings
MS 1598/2/3 Agenda books of Directors and annual shareholders meetings
MS 1598/2/4 Ledgers
MS 1598/2/5 Cash books
MS 1598/2/6 Registers of debentures, transfers of debentures, mortgages and members and associated records
MS 1598/2/7 Rentals
MS 1598/3 Midland & Western Stock Exchange Association
MS 1598/3/1 Council and Committee draft minutes
MS 1598/3/2 Council and Committee agenda books
MS 1598/3/3 Council and Committee meetings
MS 1598/3/4 Cash books
MS 1598/4 Midlands & Western Unit of The United Stock Exchange
MS 1598/4/1 Unit Committee minutes
MS 1598/4/2 Unit Committee agenda books
MS 1598/4/3 Birmingham Sub-committee minutes
MS 1598/4/4 Annual General Meeting minutes
MS 1598/4/5 Register of members
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