Ref NoUC 2/6/3
TitleSeat rental accounts
Date1811 - 1872
LevelSub Series
DescriptionThe annual seat rental accounts are tabulated, listing the names and seat numbers of account holders, the number of sittings and the amounts paid per quarter of the year. Payments were taken on the four days in the religious calendar when payments such as these were traditionally collected, namely Midsummer, Michaelmas, Christmas and Lady Day. The volumes often include an index of subscribers and lists of names of members of the Vestry Committee, with the main seat rental accounts immediately proceeding. Occasionally they are grouped in accordance to the street the subscriber lived, and give other information such as lists of pensioners who received assistance from the seat rental fund, their addresses and the amounts they were paid per month. There are often additional accounts and statements of income and expenditure at the back of the account books, usually relating to special funds, such as Annual Collection towards a Fund for Assisting Other Congregations (early nineteenth century), the Poor Fund or collections to help fund specific activities (for example, the choir, church fabric). The account books were generally compiled from Midsummer to Midsummer (24 June) of every year. Some of the volumes were incorrectly labelled as Vestry Committee accounts, and although the Vestry Committee was involved in the collection of seat rents the volumes have been listed under the section of the catalogue denoting church income. There is a gap between 1867 - 1882 after which seat rents and other voluntary contributions are continued in the general subscription books from 1882 onwards (see UC 2/6/2/3 onwards).
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