Ref NoUC 2/15/10
FindingNumberPriestley 10 [See Access Conditions]
TitleVolume entitled 'Recollections of Dr Priestley' by John Ryland
DescriptionThis book contains memories of Dr Priestley during his time in Birmingham, written by John Ryland. John Ryland's parents were close friends of the Priestleys and John himself was friends with Priestley's children. Mr Ryland describes Dr Priestley's character, his scientific experiments, his time as minister of the New Meeting congregation, his dedication to improving life in Birmingham and a full account of the Birmingham Riots in the 1790's which occurred when John was eighteen years old. Dr Priestley's fondness of children and his kindness in demonstrating scientific gadgets they might enjoy are particularly endearing traits. Mr Ryland particularly concentrates on the false impression the rioters had of Dr Priestley, Dr Priestley's bravery, the damage caused to property owned by the Priestleys and Rylands and the efforts to quell the rioting. The account of the riot also includes the reactions of others to the rioting and the reasons for the rioting. The book also contains addresses from young people in one of Dr Priestley's classes and his replies. These addresses written in 1790 and 1791 convey thanks to Dr Priestley for his teachings and expressions of sympathy for the damage caused during the riots. Other items included in this volume a list of subscribers contributing to a present for Dr Priestley, an Address by Dr Priestley to his congregation and obituary extracts from American papers.
AccessConditionsPlease order Industrial History microfilm, series 1, volume 1, reel 16 instead of originals
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